Korum Scales/Weigh Sling Combo




Ergonomically designed, soft touch case with backlit digital display. Stainless steel weigh hook and hanging bar. Weighs up to 85lb/40kg. Weighs in KG, LB/OZ, ST, and also displays the air temperature. Designed to not only fit neatly in your hand but also in your tackle bag or seatbox. PLUS ROVING WEIGH SLING

Made from super soft, fish-friendly mesh material, this compact weigh sling will keep fish safe from damage while being weighed.

The Roving Weigh Sling is perfect for all manner of specimen fish, from tench and bream, to barbel and chub, and even carp.

The strong cord handles and metal weigh loops will fit many different types of scales on the market, while the raised sides of the Roving Sling keep your catch secure inside.

Supplied in a hard-wearing transport bag, the compact size of the Roving Weigh Sling takes up very little room in your rucksack or tackle bag.


  • Ergonomic soft touch design
  • Stainless steel weighing apparatus
  • Backlit digital display
  • 9V battery and neoprene carry case included


  • 50 90cm
    • Fish-friendly mesh
    • Metal D-Ring hanging points
    • Ultra lightweight
    • Supplied in bag