Garbolino Multigrip Feeder Arm



The new seat box attachments from Garbolino feature the brand new ‘Multigrip’ system. These quality accesories have  been developed to accompany our fantastic new range of seat boxes but offer that little bit more. Rather than conventional seat box attachments which slide over your seat box legs, we have developed an open system which clamp around the seat box leg then screw tight into a rock solid position. This enables the angler to add or remove attachments whilst fishing without the need to slide off side trays, feeder arms or keepnets etc. Can be used on 25mm legs & 36mm by removing the insert. 

This great new design from the Garbolino team really has had some thought put in to it..  This feeder arm will fit carryalls and roller bags with ease, so transportation is less of a problem. It can be placed either way up on your seat box leg which makes it extremely versatile and suitable for short picker rods and float rods as well as long range feeder and waggler rods. Complete with bankstick.

  • Multigrip Open System
  • Fits 25mm, & 36mm legs
  • Strong & robust
  • Lightwieght
  • Bankstick provided