Preston Pro-Type 410 pole package



The Pro Type 410 is supplied with a great spares package of four spare Roller Pulla power kits, a Pro Type Cupping Kit and comes at 14.5 metres as standard. This extra length makes it the ideal pole choice if you need to reach a far bank island, a long margin or if you need to fish further out into open water.


  • Pre-Bushed Match and Power Kits
  • Fitted Roller Pulla Bushes (on power kits only
  • Section Alignment Arrows
  • Easy Ship Finish
  • Reinforced Butt Sections
  • Bi-conical Mini Extension


  • 1 x 14.5M pole
  • 4 x Roller Pulla Power Kits
  • 1 x Pro Type Cupping Kit
  • 1 x Kups and Adaptors
  • 1 x Half Extension
  • Pole Holdall and Protective Tubes


  • Length – 14.5m
  • Closed Length – 1800mm
  • Weight at 13M (8 Sections) – 1050g
  • No. of Sections – 10