Avid Carp 12000CC

£159.99 £99.00


The Avid Carp 12000CC is a new generation of reel designed to provide anglers with the perfect tool to cope with the rigours of modern carp fishing.

Boasting a revolutionary Custom-Control Drag, anglers can now adjust the sensitivity of the quick-drag system. If you wish, you can set the drag so that it goes from free running to locked up in just a quarter of a turn. This puts you in complete control at all times.


  • 12 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Machine Forged Aluminum Spool
  • Supplied With Two Quick-Fold Handles
  • Lightweight Aluminium Sealed Body
  • Custom-Control Drag
  • Quick-Release Spool
  • Sprung Line Clip
  • Tapered Spool
  • Anti-Twist Roller

Line capacity:

Shallow Spool: 10lb 360 yards l 12lb 320 yards l 15lb 280 yards

Continental Spool: 10lb 640 yards l 12lb 600 yards l 15lb 550 yards

RRP: £159.99

Sale Price – £99